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Anime Cosplay Maker Space

The following organizations and individuals appear at Planet Anime Kansas City this year to share with our attendees their passion for creating Anime themed Cosplays. The skills on display will blow you away. Take the time to visit every booth and be sure to look for the complete listing of Anime Cosplay Maker Demos at this link: Programming and Entertainment – Planet Anime Kansas City ( scroll down to the “Hall D Anime Cosplay Maker Space” Venue Location on the right side.

Here are this year’s participants in the Anime Cosplay Maker Space!


EBA Comedy Cosplay

Is a group of cosplayers who not only like to cosplay, but many of the group have also won different awards and been cosplaying for many years. They also love to do panels and bring fun and joy to conventions.  Three of the members of the group will be here: Snapshot, Chaser, and Strawberry.  They are excited to show you how they have gone about making some of their popular cosplays.

Snapshot is an award-winning cosplayer, digital artist, and photographer and has been cosplaying since 2008.

Strawberry is an award-winning cosplayer, artist, animator, photographer. She also goes by crazzyredhead and crazy red artist. She has been cosplaying since 2009.

Chaser is an award-winning cosplayer portraying looks from anime to video games and movies. He has entered many contests and has won in different categories.  Some of his favorite costumes are from the Manga series Hellsing. He has used a wide variety of materials and techniques to make his outfits and props. Everyone from EBA is looking forward to seeing you at the convention!


Fancy Fossa Fashions

Fancy Fossa, the owner, founder, and sole fursuit maker for Fancy Fossa Fashions, has been a proud member of the furry fandom since 2004 and has been constructing fursuits as a hobby since 2011. In March of 2023 she made the exciting decision to pursue a full time career in fursuit making. Her award-winning costume work has been featured in art shows, newspapers, and charity events.



Figments and Filaments

We are a group of hardworking volunteers who want to spread the joys of costuming, clothing reconstruction, fashion and cosplay all in one weekend. Medieval, Steampunk, Goth, Anime, SF/F, embroidery, prop assembly and more! We are dedicated to bringing you a hands on Convention with many DIY classes, pro tips, great lectures, camaraderie and best of all accessible guests of honor! If this is your passion and you enjoy a diverse range of backgrounds, then this is the convention for you!



Hammerspace Community Workshop is home to Kansas City’s awesome community of makers, crafters and inventors. It’s where you go to exercise your creativity. It’s where you bulk up your knowledge, and work out your designs. Hammerspace is another essential partner headlining the PEZ this year. Dave Dalton and his staff from Hammerspace will tackle beginner and advanced demonstrations of cosplay crafting and prop building and much more. Come watch and learn how you can join in the fun and creativity! Check the panel programming schedule for a list of the demos they are offering.


JOCO Arts and Heritage Center

The Johnson County Arts and Heritage Center

Johnson County Arts & Heritage is the home of arts programming for Johnson County Park and Recreation District. With Makerspace, Fine Arts, and Performing Arts programming on site as well as Theatre in the Park’s indoor shows there are opportunities for everyone to get involved in the arts. From 3D Printing and Ceramics to Dance and Acting and so much more, come learn and grow your creative side with us!



Pocket Full of Posies

Based out of Kansas City, Pocket Full of Posies Cosplay is a duo consisting of Phlox (previously Maybean Cosplay) and the newbie Fig (catch them on Sunday!). Phlox is a lifelong mixed media artist and Masters level crafter that got into the convention scene via Anime Festival Wichita 2014. Most of their costumes have been from video games and anime, with some of the more well-known being Fran from Final Fantasy XII, Barret from FFVII, and Prince Soma from Black Butler. Phlox’s journey extends beyond the crafting table, having volunteered and worked at local conventions since their start. One of their most memorable events was participating in the cosplay contest judging panel for Planet Comicon 2021. And most recently, together with Fig, they ran the cosplay repair table and created the Iron Cosplay Con Crunch Competition (IC4) event for Naka-Kon 2023. Phlox loves that this hobby is an intersection of diverse art forms and skill sets. The ingenuity of fellow creators is a constant wellspring of inspiration, while the warmth of the cosplay community fuels their passion.

Pocket Full of Posies Cosplay is working towards eco-conscious crafting by repurposing materials at hand, aiming for innovative solutions, and hopefully utilizing more sustainable options. Together, they’d like to foster positivity and creativity, inspire entry-level cosplayers with interactive panels, and share the magic of self-expression without boundaries.

Check out Pocket Full of Posies’ demo offerings by searching the Anime Cosplay Maker Space schedule on the App.

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Photo Credits: Cosplay Close-Up, @missmorganlynn



Rightfully Sewn

Rightfully Sewn is a nonprofit organization that creates jobs and opportunities for community members who may have barriers to employment.  They accomplish this through the business of fashion and sewn goods, including seamstress training, fashion design, job training and placement, and employment.  As part of that mission, the organization aims to reestablish Kansas City as an epicenter of garment manufacturing.  Currently, 60 percent of the Rightfully Sewn workforce have refugee status, there are five languages spoken, and they have been recognized by the City of Kansas City for paying living wages. Rightfully Sewn also serves as an incubator for local fashion designers and inventors whose creations require fine sewing skills.


Sakura Azalaya

SakuChiSan Cosplay Also known as SakuraAzalaya on all social media forums, is a multi-talented cosplayer and makeup artist who learned her skills by never letting her disabilities get in the way of what she’s passionate about. She primarily does SFX and body paint for social media and conventions and loves to share her skills and teach others how to do what she does. 



Waifu Doll Labs

Master Cosplayer & Doll Artisan | Transforming Dreams into Mini Realities by Turning Dolls into Iconic Characters.

 Hey there, I’m Zoey, the creative mind behind Waifu Doll Labs! With nearly a decade of cosplay crafting experience I breathe life into epic characters by crafting exquisite mini cosplays to bring your favorite characters to life in doll form: from Anime, Comics, Video games, TV, and Movies.

It all began when I couldn’t find figures of my beloved characters, so I harnessed my cosplay skills to create my own dolls. With a background as an award-winning cosplayer my meticulousness for details helps me create stunning outfits and turn dolls into works of art. Making these not your average doll. Each doll is a unique versatile masterpiece: customizable with different outfits and poses. I consider them to be the ultimate collector’s item and display them with my collectibles.

I’m on a mission to share the art of cosplaying for dolls and will host events at Waifu Doll Labs’ Anime Entertainment Zone table Saturday and Sunday. Explore my creations and let’s bring your beloved characters to life, one doll at a time.


Walkin’ & Rollin’

Walkin’ & Rollin’ Costumes is a Kansas City-based non-profit organization that builds custom-made costumes for kids in walkers and wheelchairs. With the help of volunteers and donations, Walkin’ & Rollin’ Costumes is able to build and ship these costumes free of charge to families across the nation. In the past, wheelchair costumes consisted of popular characters and vehicles from Wall-E, Toy Story, the Marvel Cinematic World, Big Hero 6, various Princesses, a Butterfly Queen, KC Royals players, Ant-Man, Back to the Future, and Star Wars.

If you would like to learn more about Walkin’ & Rollin’ Costumes, view their gallery of costumes and designs, order a costume, donate, or possibly volunteer as a builder, visit their website at