2024 Guest List

Cool Guests
Planet Anime has the best voice actors and celebrity guests in the midwest.
Righteous Panels
Planet Anime Kansas City will run several fan watch-a-long screenings of beloved anime series and movies.
Fun For the Whole Family
The exhibit hall at Planet Anime Kansas City has several sections. Celebrity Row, Artists Alley, Crafter Alley, Cosplay Showcase, Exhibitor Emporium and Anime Entertainment Zone (AEZ). The Exhibitor Floor includes our retailers offering for sale a wide variety of merchandise.

Come discover a whole other Planet!

Planet Promotions is thrilled to announce the return of Planet Anime Kansas City!

As a companion to the March 2024 return of Planet Comicon Kansas City, this anime-focused event made its return at the Kansas City Convention Center on October 18th thru October 20th, 2024.

Your visit to this anime-centric destination within our fandom-fueled universe featured an incredible lineup of anime voice celebrities, exhibitors, special events, a wide ranging schedule of panels, plus amazing cosplay, a cosplay contest, and more.

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