After Hours Events

Anime Screenings until 12:00AM info at this link


Planet Anime never rests! This year we are proud to announce that we have a variety of after hours activities which you can attend with your admission credentials. Some of these events are produced by our Partners and we are very grateful for their initiative and support! Check back often as we are updating this list regularly.

Friday October 20, 2023

7:00pm-7:50pm Room 2504 AB – WTJ: WHAT THE JAPAN

Everyone knows about the weird and wacky of Japan, but what else is there? What could possibly be left to surprise you? Allow us to take you on an adventure through the world of Japan and why it’s so intriguing.


Some of your favorite Demon Slayers invite you to their sleepover, and a surprise demon sneaks in to shake things up. Come play games, learn gossip, enter a free raffle, and watch a fan favorite episode! Our group, Trinity Love Cosplay, is excited to have fun with you!

8:10pm-9:30 Room 2504 ABDeath Note VIP Event

  • NOTE: THIS IS A SEPARATELY TICKETED EVENT. YOU MUST HAVE A MEET AND GREET CREDENTIAL AND A VALID PLANET ANIME KC ADMISSION FOR FRIDAY, OCT 20 FOR ADMITTANCE.Planet Anime Kansas City is pleased to offer a private gathering of a limited number of fans with four actors from Death Note: Alessandro Juliani (L), Shannon Chan-Kent (Misa Amane), Brian Drummond (Ryuk), and Brad Swaile (Light Yagami). This VIP meet & greet will include a Q&A, photo opportunity with the guests, an exclusive Death Note lanyard, and refreshments inspired by Death Note character favorites.1) A private gathering of VIP fans with these four guests of approximately one and a half hours (1.5) hours, including a Q&A opportunity
    2) Photo opportunity with the fan’s camera of VIP fan with the four members of the Death Note cast
    3) Refreshments based on
    4) One exclusive Planet Anime KC Death Note LanyardPLEASE NOTE: This VIP meet & greet DOES NOT include admission to the convention. An admission to Planet Anime KC valid on Friday, October 20th MUST also be purchased, which may be either a Weekend Pass or Red Panda Pass admission. The meet and greet admission will have a separate credential, which must also be worn. Location of the M&G will be announced in advance on the web-site and sent to buyers, as well as posted at the show. Watch the web-site and social media for any updates or changes, plus we will e-mail any changes to the e-mail provided with the purchase.

8:30pm-10:00pm Room 3501 EFGH Planet Anime Main Stage – Drag-imé PRESENTS: SAILOR MOON’S COSPLAY CAPER!

Get ready to get your magical-girl realness on at Planet Anime! Come join Kansas City’s fiercest drag performers in the premiere of “Drag-imé presents: Sailor Moon’s Cosplay Caper”! Join us on Planet Anime’s preview night where Drag and anime collide in this one of a kind live show extravaganza. If there’s one thing Drag queens and Sailor Guardians know, it’s that Villains don’t stand a chance against a pair of killer heels. See you there!

8:30pm-9:15pm Outside Room 2502B –  COSPLAY MOONWALK!

Come join with your cosplay friends for the Planet Anime MOON WALK! A celestial parade of cosplayers who will walk the stage to kick off the Friday night Rave! You be the star! Come join the fun! Assemble at 8:30pm at the table outside rm 2502b. The parade starts at 9:00 and participants will walk to the Party stage in 1501B!


Lights out for the kiddos, open season for the adults! Join your fiery hosts Goku Guy and Krillin Kid as they delve into the sexy, risque, and oh-so-absurd side of anime. With lively interaction and crowd participation, this is an experience not to be missed.

9:00pm-1:00am Room 1501B – Flyover Events Presents The Friday Night Dance Party with Kadesh Flow!

Flyover Event Co is pleased to present the Friday evening dance party with Kadesh Flow! Kadesh Flow is a multi- faceted and multi-instrumental hip-hop artist whose “nerdcore” raps address his favorite interests, like anime, video games, and other facets of geek culture. Kadesh and his band will entertain you with a whole new vibe, weaving hip hop, rap and Anime together in their own unique way. Bring your friends and get ready to cosplay, dance and sing!

Be sure to sign up for the Planet Anime MOON WALK, the cosplay parade that will kick off the party! You will get to walk the stage and show off your cosplay! Walk it with your cosplay friends! Don’t miss it! Adult beverages and food items will be available for purchase!

9:00pm-10:30pm Room 2502 A – Anime Name that Tune

Do you think you know anime music? Then come and test your knowledge at Anime Name that Tune, where we’ll decide the best and brightest at guessing opening and closing themes. And if you don’t want to compete, it’s also fun to watch. Winners will receive prizes!

Saturday October 21, 2023

7:30pm-7:50pm Room 2504 AB – A LOOK AT JAPANESE GAME SHOW

Panel will consist of a PowerPoint presentation about the history of Japanese Game Shows and their effect on the US television market. What was the first game show on Japanese Television? How did a lizard bring the first Japanese Game Show success in the west? On what game show could you win an acre of desert as a prize? These questions and more will be answered in this look at the world of the Japanese Game Show. The presentation will be given by Joshua Murphy. Joshua has been watching game shows since birth and researching Japanese television game shows for the past 5 years. Last year he lived the dream and traveled to Tokyo just to compete on a Japanese Game Show.


Join us! We are here to offer a high intensity, insanely entertaining good time with cosplayers lip syncing to songs that make them go nuts! Cheer on your favorites and see who will reign supreme!!

7:00pm-8:20pm  Room 2502 A – HISTORY OF HORROR IN ANIME 

Embark on a macabre journey through time and experience the evolution of horror anime over the decades. We’ll cover the body horror of the 80s, the ultraviolence of the 90s, the psychological horror of the 2000s, and on until we reach the present day. Seasoned veterans of the scene as well as newbies to the genre alike can expect a breakdown of themes and tropes with an abundance of anime recommendations to add to their watch list. (18+ Mature Content Warning: Due to the subject matter of this panel, some content will not be appropriate for all audiences.)


The PAKC Cosplay Contest will be hosted on Saturday, October 21, 2023 at 7:30 p.m. in RM 3501 EFGH. Flyover Event Co, 3DHQ and B&B Theatres are proud to showcase the best cosplayers in the region as they light up the big stage with colorful costumes and pageantry as they pursue prizes and a chance to be remembered as a winner in the first ever Planet Anime Kansas City Cosplay Competition! Entry is included with your paid PAKC admission credential. The Cosplay Contest is made possible by our Partners; Monster Energy, 3DHQ and B&B Theatres!


Think you know Anime? Come compete against us in our totally unrigged trivia game. We present to you a comedy game show!

8:30pm-9:30pm Room 2502 A – THE ANIME 10 COUNT!

“We’re taking succinct to the next level with this panel! On this panel we’re going to go through the Most Popular Anime section on MyAnimeList and we’re going to describe those various shows and/or our thoughts on said shows in 10 words or fewer! This little game won’t be limited to the panelists onstage, we’re getting the audience involved too! What better way to boil down these shows than to get everyone’s feelings on it, especially when it’s short, sweet, and to the point! Perhaps you can describe Attack on Titan or Death Note in 10 words or fewer! Or if you just wanna spectate, let’s all collectively react to all these creative short takes!

A little sneak preview, here’s one for Death Note:
Light Yagami did nothing wrong!
(Oh yeah, hot takes encouraged!)”

8:30pm-9:30pm Room 2505 A – The Otaku Lifestyle: Examining Soundtracks in the Anime Canon

Providing a brief overview of manga/anime. Discussing soundtracks from popular anime such as Death Note, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo, and many more. Explaining how music in anime heightens the overall storyline and plot/fuels the characters’ intentions unlike Western television shows.

9:00pm-1:00am – Room 1501B –  BOULEVARD TEAM-UP RAVE REVOLUTION

Boulevard Brewing and Flyover Event Co Present TEAM-UP RAVE REVOLUTION-Show us your QUIRKS!

Boulevard and Flyover Event Co invites all attendees to come cosplay and dance at the Quirk Anime Rave at the convention center! Boulevard will be providing samples of QUIRK, their newest spiked and sparkling seltzers made with real fruit juices. Samples scheduled for Saturday night: Cherry Blossom and Lime, Cranberry Apple Cinnamon and Southwest BLVD.

DJ Ice Kole will be in the house! Dance the night away to Anime, K-pop and J-pop soundtracks and make some new friends! Admission is free with your PAKC admission credential. Adult beverages and food items will be available for purchase. This is THE party! Let’s Go!! Room 1501B