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Other Pricing: TBD

Booth Location: A22

Show Availabilty: Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Based out of Kansas City, Pocket Full of Posies Cosplay is a duo consisting of Phlox (previously Maybean Cosplay) and the newbie Fig (catch them on Sunday!). Phlox is a lifelong mixed media artist and Masters level crafter that got into the convention scene via Anime Festival Wichita 2014. Most of their costumes have been from video games and anime, with some of the more well-known being Fran from Final Fantasy XII, Barret from FFVII, and Prince Soma from Black Butler.
Phlox’s journey extends beyond the crafting table, having volunteered and worked at local conventions since their start. One of their most memorable events was participating in the cosplay contest judging panel for Planet Comicon 2021. And most recently, together with Fig, they ran the cosplay repair table and created the Iron Cosplay Con Crunch Competition (IC4) event for Naka-Kon 2023.