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Lindsay Elise Tuggey Jones  is an American voice actress working at Rooster Teeth. She is best known for her roles as Ruby Rose in RWBY and as Kimball in Red vs. Blue. She is also a director, writer, and voice actress on X-Ray and Vav, a cartoon series by Rooster Teeth. Additionally, Jones is the primary general manager of Achievement Hunter, and has appeared in many other Rooster Teeth productions such as Ten Little Roosters and On the Spot. She also co-hosts a three-time winner of the Podcast Awards, Internet Box along with her husband Michael Jones.

Lindsay was born and raised in Dallas, Texas where she attended and graduated at the University of Texas at Austin. She later joined Rooster Teeth Productions, where she has spent much of her time working on videos in the Achievement Hunter division. Jones is well-known for voicing the lead character Ruby Rose in RWBY (2012). She has also worked on series such as “Red vs. Blue”, Ten Little Roosters (2014), and X-Ray and Vav (2014). Outside of Rooster Teeth, she was a host of the awards-winning Internet Box podcast.